andy zaster (musikdork228) wrote in smith_o_holics,
andy zaster

hey everyone, i'm working on a paper right now about fan culture, using Kevin and his fans as a case study. So... this paper is about you guys, so it'd be cool if ya help me out and just take a minute to fill this out. if ya wanna just email it to me, or post it here, whatever. if you're quotable, it'd help :)

1. name (first will do), age, location
2. is there anything other than the quality of his films that makes you a fan of kevin's?
3. how many times have you seen jersey girl?
4. based on trailers and ads, would you have seen jersey girl if you didnt know it was a view askew film?
5. how did 'jay and silent bob strike back' make you feel as a fan?
6. have you ever met kevin?
7. what do you think it is that makes kevin's fan-base so loyal?
8. what projects have you seen by kevin's "circle of friends?" (i.e. vulgar, big helium dog, tail lights fade, a better place, drawing flies)

any other comments ya wanna add about kevin and his fan-base would rock my sock off.. thanks in advance :)
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