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my answers

Hope this helps! :)

1. name (first will do), age, location: Rae, 24, Atlanta GA
2. is there anything other than the quality of his films that makes you a fan of kevin's? in all the behins the scenes stuff ive ever seen about the making of the films, it just seems like everyone who works on the movies and stuff are friends, and they all like each other. it makes me think of me and my work friends and i can relate to it.
3. how many times have you seen jersey girl? so far, once, and i liked it a lot more than i thought i was going to...or, i liked it as much as a rabid Jay and Silent Bob fan could anyway.
4. based on trailers and ads, would you have seen jersey girl if you didnt know it was a view askew film? I would have waited for it to come out on video probably
5. how did 'jay and silent bob strike back' make you feel as a fan? awesome! that movie had so much in it that it almost made up for the fact that it was their last one...almost, not quite lol.
6. have you ever met kevin? no but i want to...ive been to the stash before but he wasnt there.
7. what do you think it is that makes kevin's fan-base so loyal? because he and mewes and everyone else dont act like theyre big stars or anything, and they make fun of people that do. in every single one of smith's movies theres always something everyone can relate to no matter what the general plot or premise of the movie is.
8. what projects have you seen by kevin's "circle of friends?" (i.e. vulgar, big helium dog, tail lights fade, a better place, drawing flies) ive seen drawing flies, vulgar and thats it as far as non-jersey saga flicks. (have you seen RSVP wih Jason Mewes? It was pretty awesome because it was a remake of Rope, that Alfred Hitchcock movie.)
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